Zoopla Real Time Data Feed Service

The Property Software Group are pleased to announce that the Zoopla ‘Real Time Data Feed Service’ is now available for lettings agency software CFPPremise & CFPwinMan customers.

This will mean that properties can potentially appear on Zoopla within half an hour of uploading to your Agents page and the livelets.com website.

We will be rolling this service out to CFPPremise & CFPwinMan customers over the next coming weeks, and we will be working with Zoopla throughout the process to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

​To assist you with any questions you may have, we have compiled a short Q&A section below which you may find of use.

Q. What do we need to do?

A. Nothing – we have a roll-out plan in place & you will be scheduled to be moved to the Real Time Data Feed within the next few weeks.

Q. How will I know if we have been moved?

A. We will send an email confirmation to you when this has been done.

Q.How frequently does the Real Time feed update to Zoopla?

A. As frequently as you upload to your Agents page and livelets.com.

The ‘Real Time Data Feed Service’ will mean that you can have your properties appearing on Zoopla within half an hour of them being put on the market. Moving to the Real Time Data Feed Service will give you a real advantage over your competitors, who could potentially be using older feed technology, therefore giving you a head start on the Zoopla market.

If you would like to discuss this feed with a member of our support team, please contact us at cfpsupport@propertysoftwaregroup.com and we will be happy to assist.