Let Solutions manage your client accounting while you concentrate on the important stuff.

The property market’s recovery signs are really positive. Now’s the time to focus on making that recovery work for you, without the headache of dealing with admin like client accounting.

The benefits

  • All your client accounting needs sorted, from bank reconciliations to landlord payments
  • Predictable fees, allowing you to better plan your resources
  • More cost-effective than an in-house solution
  • 24-7 access to a client accounting team with over 50 years’ combined experience
  • Three tiers of membership tailored to your business needs


What we offer



As often as agreed


As often as agreed


Invoice raising

Receipting all monies received in client account

Posting all expenses from invoices received using work orders and attaching invoices to charge if required

Charging fees as instructed

Refunding deposits and archiving tenancies as instructed

Processing of all landlord  payments

Processing all contractor payments

Creation of agency fee reports

Bank reconciliation

Payment report email being BACS file

New tenancy/deposit refund/renewal letters

Address accounting queries via email direct with agent


Reconciliation of deposits against deposits schemes to accounting software


Advice of deposit transfers between bank accounts or government schemes


Provide government required Section 23 and NRL reports to client


Landlord annual period statements direct by email


Monthly audit of monies held within client account


Add opening balances inc. payment groups if required


Send arrears letters from software


Register deposits within the client’s nominated government scheme


Closing of insured scheme deposits after deposit refunded from bank account


Address accounting queries via email direct with clients (landlords/tenants)


Close obsolete works orders