CFPwinMan SDB users enjoy our latest integration with DocuSign



We have an exciting new feature available for CFPwinManSDB customers! CFP have joined forces with DocuSign and together we want to help agents reduce costs, save time and accelerate sales.

With this new partnership, agents can go from start to signature with documents in hours /days instead of weeks and months, giving negotiators more time to spend letting more properties and less time chasing paperwork.

Traditional paper-based processes make it too time consuming to get documents created, circulated, revised and signed. However, with the collaboration between CFPwinManSDB and DocuSign, your agency can enjoy the best in property management software, supported by the latest, leading innovations.

How can your agency benefit from our powerful integration?

  • Signing and completing documents using DocuSign (such as tenancy agreements) is a faster, more convenient way to get business done.
  • You can reach your customers no matter where they’re located or what device they use.
  • You can send documents for electronic signature directly from CFPwinManSDB.
  • You can then track whether the recipients have opened them, signed them and choose the order in which they are signed. It provides a safe, secure experience for your customers.
  • Recipients are automatically reminded by email if they haven’t acted in a specified time-frame.
  • The completed documents are saved back into CFPwinManSDB, along with an electronic certificate from DocuSign.
  • Agents decide which users have visibility of any pending documents and see the current state of each envelope. All completed documents remain securely stored and readily retrievable

To ensure your agency benefits from the latest and greatest in CFPwinManSDB, simply call us on 08446 626 465, email or click here to discover how you can upgrade your software today.