The impact of technology on the lettings industry


The property industry has changed a lot over the years, and so has the emergence of technology. But just how far has technology impacted on the lettings industry?

Since the launch of CFP, we have witnessed a massive change in both the structure of the lettings industry as we once knew it, together with the reliance of technology to support the growth and existence of letting agents.

With that in mind, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to discover just how much technology has impacted on the lettings industry.


Lettings agency software has come on leaps and bounds since CFP Software first stepped into the market.

Kicking-off with desktop software, CFP has proven to have stood the test of time, delivering the best in desktop property management software since 1989. With new software updates and packages, CFP has always proven to deliver property agents reliable, unrivalled software for letting agents. Twenty-seven years on, and CFP continues to offer leading desktop property management software. With top integrations with top service suppliers, including DocuSign and Ravensworth, software has quickly adapted to allow the partnership between software and various service suppliers.

With the emergence of cloud-based property management software such as Jupix, property agents have been given the chance to take their software, and their work with them wherever they go. Meeting the needs of the 24-7 culture, property software in the cloud has given property agents the chance to operate whenever, wherever.


Marketing properties have also come on leads and bounds since 1989, particularly with the emergence of property portals, together with the entrance of social media.

Most property searches start-off online, compared to many years ago whereby property searchers invested in their local newspaper for the property pages.

Window displays are also receiving a little technical make-over including rolling banners and even 360-degree video tours.

Social Media:

Life without social media seems a lifetime ago. Could you imagine not having the latest news and interactions at your fingertips, or being unable to connect with your friends, colleagues, loved-ones and even potential clients instantly? It used to be a reality.

But now, everything we need to know is instantly accessible. From the latest national news, to the state of the property market, and even the latest property your agency has marketed.

Social media has transformed the way in which people network, and as a result, the way in which we do business.

Customer Engagement:

Together with the emergence of technology has delivered an emergence in customer-centric engagement tools.

The entrance of Amazon, eBay, Uber and EasyJet has increased consumer power, as well as delivering software solutions to meet the needs of a 24-7 culture.

With that in mind, The Property Software Group’s latest software solution, My Property File has been developed to deliver customer engagement to property professionals unlike any other tool.

From reporting maintenance issues, to accessing rental and property information, My Property File connects landlords, tenants, agents and vendors like never before.

If you like the sound of My Property File, keep an eye on the latest news from CFP and The Property Software Group to discover when your agency can enjoy the latest customer engagement tool to deliver even more to your agency and clients.

Technology has certainly had an impact on the lettings industry. From the reliance on software, to the reliance on technology development, and even the way we engage with one another.

Has your agency been keeping-up? If not, why not contact The Property Software Group to discover how your agency can make the most of the latest developments in technology.