A Few of Your Favourite Things with CFP property software


Our clients love their jobs! They love property and the thrill of matching the right home with the right buyer or tenant, this is an essential part of what makes our clients fantastic at what they do.

We love helping you make your work life as easy as possible so you have time for the important things…

Whats Your Favorite Feature of Your CFP Software?

“Mail merging is brilliant, creating templates that we use regularly saves us a lot of time! Links on property, tenancy, applicants, landlords etc is a brilliant tool – Saving time is key!” Elena Eliades, The Property Company

“The automatic uploading of available properties to the selected rental portals” Peter Horridge, Letzz

“Our accounts team could not live without ‘multiple landlord payment routine’ and Will Grace! (one of our top support analysts) Lisa Jones, Carter Jonas

“Emailing landlord statements has saved me a fortune!” Shaun Grant, Grants of Derbyshire

What is Your Property Top Tip?

“Treat everyone the same no matter their circumstances, always be a professional” Peter Horridge, Letzz

How Does Having CFP Help You?

“The ability to work at my kitchen table allows me to spend more time with my family” Lisa Jones, Carter Jonas

If We Took Away Your CFP Software What Would Happen??

“I would have to employ more staff and start taking medication!” Peter Horridge, Letzz

“I would be gutted! as I am looking forward to upgrading to the new match and mail product!” Lisa Jones, Carter jonas

“I would be in a nuthouse within a week!” Shaun Grant, Grants of Derbyshire

“I would feel as though my working days were over!” Miranda Ford, Imagine Group