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Uncertain future for lettings, following spending review

CFP Software

Comment from Mark Daruvalla, Business Development Director at CFP Software

“The Government’s Spending Review has confirmed the uneasiness within the lettings sector, as all players in this market are nervous about the full impact which will not really be known until next year and beyond. Whilst it is true that currently agents are experiencing an increase in demand and a shortage in supply for private rented property, which is pushing rents up on the one hand, there is also a fear of the future, making landlords and agents cautious about increasing rents, especially on existing tenancy renewals. Agents and landlords are looking to next year when jobs may be lost, VAT is going up and thinking that they do not want to add the straw to the camel’s back by increasing rents causing tenants to default or move out and leaving them with arrears, vacant periods and new tenancy costs.

“An interesting side effect of the squeeze, which goes some way to mitigating the shortage of rented property, is the effect that low interest rates and lack of confidence in the banks is having on the supply of private rented property. Some landlords are thinking that they can get a better yield on property than leaving funds on deposit in banks and this, coupled with the wobble in the banking sector last year, has tempted them to shift their investment into property; a perceived safer investment with a higher yield.”


"I had been using CFP for about ten  years  with a previous employer so it was the natural choice of software for me when I started my own agency. I recently had a computer failure which meant I had to reload Winman andall the associated data.  The help I needed was clear, precise and readilyaccessible. 

The software is my ‘unpaid assistant’ and I would be lost without it"

Yvette Creighton, Rosette Residential Lettings


"It is about five years since we installed CFPWinman. Managing some 500 plus properties we would be utterly lost without the comprehensive property management system that CFP gives us.

With the continuous development of the product coupled with excellent system and customer support, we would wholeheartedly recommend CFP to any agent, even our competitors"

Peter Newman - Partner, Arena Lettings


"I spoke with a few companies, but CFP won my business hands down! Sara has been brilliant and has kept in touch with me since I started building my new business.

After speaking with Hannah today, I couldn't be more pleased that I went with CFP, she was very informative and polite. Thank you very much to Sara and Hannah! 

Selina Thomas – Director, Selina's Lettings

Selina Thomas, Director at Selina's Lettings


"CFP Winman has been a fantastic choice.Their product is slick and efficient. It helps our small business stay in control of communications from clients, contractor payments, tenant deposits and landlord statements.Their after-sales support is superb and they resolve our queries quickly.  A definite asset to the smooth operation of our company, and I would highly recommend it"

Mark Hastie, Director at Alba Residential

Disclaimer: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has accredited CFPwinMan v4, from CFP Software, under the terms of its Accreditation Scheme. Purchasers should ensure that the software, its security features and related support meet their own specific requirements, as the Institute will not be liable for any damage whatsoever, incurred by any person, occasioned by the use of the software, or any related products or services howsoever caused.