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EPC Legislation Changes- April 2012

You will doubtless be aware that the proposed changes to the legislation regarding energy performance certificates (EPC's) for properties are due to come into force on 6th April 2012. This is the legislation that was originally due to be implemented last October but was subsequently delayed and revised.

Although there are still some elements awaiting final confirmation or clarification from DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government), and there has been much discussion about the fine detail, we have taken steps based on our own understanding and current information available in an attempt to reduce the impact that this will have on you and the way you use our software.

Key points in the new legislation:
  • This only applies to properties coming to market after 6th April.
  • The current asset ratings (EPC graphs) are no longer applicable in isolation. They are to be replaced by the first page of the new style EPC (typically an A4 document which contains the graphs and additional information).
  • The EPC legislation is extended to apply to non-residential and rental transactions.
  • Where property marketing does not include the full property address the legislation does allow for the address to be redacted in the EPC used for marketing purposes. It is still required on the full EPC document. NB. Although this is clearly indicated in the legislation, there is currently debate as to whether this only applies to commercial properties.
  • Note: At this time of writing the format of the revised EPC is still subject to approval and release by DCLG.
  • Further to this, we have gained confirmation that:
  • The EPC does not have to be an integral part of the printed particulars. It can be provided as an attachment or insert.
  • If sending details electronically as an attachment, the EPC can be provided via a clickable url.

What does this mean for CFPwinMan customers?

We have been preparing for the proposed legislation since October and have already made changes ready for deployment to help our clients comply with the legislation.
  • You can already link to a PDF document containing the EPC certificate in CFPwinMan with a set of property details.
  • Our portal upload service assumes the first PDF you have attached to the proper.ty will be the public one, so you will need to ensure the first PDF in the list is the one you want to upload via the portal feeds.
  • Our traditional internet upload service (non-comms module clients) will be upgraded to allow the upload of the first PDF (to contain the EPC). By default, the upgrade will require a manual settings change to activate the service – full instructions will be forwarded before the go-live date. You will also be able to amend the details (e.g. remove the full address) before committing the document to the upload.
  • We will provide an upgrade to our Comms Module Datafeed Service to upload the EPC Certificates; again it will upload the first PDF attached, and you will be able to control when you start uploading the EPC Certificates, so you will be able to make any amendments you need before starting to upload.
  • Provision is being made to the client portal feed and client API to ensure that the EPCs are available for use by the client’s web designer.
  • We will provide guidance as to how you can incorporate the EPC Certificate into your Brochures, and we are currently making improvements to the Brochure publisher in CFPwinMan for a future release that will simplify the inclusion of the EPC in the property details.

Should you have any concerns in the meantime please contact us on 01209 313 121

What does this mean for Premise customers?

We are currently making changes to Premise to assist our clients in complying with the forthcoming legislation. These changes will be deployed in the next upgrade to Premise Version 7.20 – all Premise clients who currently use the software to market property (feed to portals etc.) will need to upgrade to this version in order to comply with legislation. We will contact you over the next two weeks to ensure you both require the upgrade and it is completed in time for the changes.
  • Premise clients can have the full EPC and the one page version with (or without) the address redacted for marketing, we have added the provision to store both types with a property record as a PDF and/or URL.
  • The Public EPC will be included in portal exports and displayed on and LiveLets, subject to the following rules:
a) If both a PDF and URL exist, only the URL is uploaded. If no URL exists then the PDF is uploaded.
b) The document must be a PDF, it cannot be a JPG or other format or it will not be displayed correctly.
  • Agents do not have to enter the EPC graph values or create the graphs. These are replaced by the first page of the EPC (Public EPC). If you do enter the values, the graphs will continue to be displayed along with the new documents.
  • Agents who send property details with a hyperlink to their properties on and (i.e. match results) will be compliant, as the property details will include the EPC that they have uploaded (as above).
  • Provision is being made to the client portal feed and client API to ensure that the EPC’s are available for use by the client’s web designer.
  • When printing property details from the property record you will be able to print the public EPC PDF.
  • When printing or emailing full details from the Property Register you will be able to print, or attach to the email, the public EPC PDF for each selected property.

Should you have any concerns in the meantime, please contact us on 01209 312 625


We have been in discussion with the portals for some time over how we pass them the new EPC Certificates via our portal exports. However, some of the Portals are not seeing their listings as “written particulars” and feel that the disclaimer they show on each listing will mean there is no need to upload the EPC Certificates. They will be sending out some guidance of their own very shortly.


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Selina Thomas – Director, Selina's Lettings

Selina Thomas, Director at Selina's Lettings


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Disclaimer: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has accredited CFPwinMan v4, from CFP Software, under the terms of its Accreditation Scheme. Purchasers should ensure that the software, its security features and related support meet their own specific requirements, as the Institute will not be liable for any damage whatsoever, incurred by any person, occasioned by the use of the software, or any related products or services howsoever caused.