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Integrated Optional Extras

CFP Software has a number of optional modules and partners offering market leading solutions which complement the way you do business.


CFP Solutions is an outsourced client cash accounting service which works by taking responsibility for inputting accounting transactions into your CFPwinMan software on your behalf.

The following is a list of the services we can provide:

  • Application fee creation and invoice production
  • Application fee collection and receipt confirmation
  • Initial invoice creation and production
  • Regular income input, invoice production as required
  • Update landlord statements, check correct fees are inputted if required
  • Banking report production
  • Email statements
  • Contractor bills input
  • Complete works orders
  • Contractor remittance production
  • Contractors bank sheet production
  • Fee report production
  • Update bank reconciliation
  • Reconciled balance report production
  • Update Inland Revenue payments
  • Quarterly Inland Revenue report production

Obviously we know that every company is slightly different. Because of this we will spend time with you on cfpsite initially to discuss your requirements and ensure the services that we can offer to you are specific to your needs. CFP Solutions connects remotely to a computer in your office and inputs your account transactions for you. This can be done on a daily basis, or, if you prefer, at set times during the week. All printouts are produced at your office for your convenience, and you still retain control of any physical financial transactions based on the information that we have provided.

CFPwinMan’s Service Charge Module

Create multiple invoices with relevant notices easily by simply setting a budget for each expenditure category and a percentage contribution for each tenant/leaseholder. Budgets are then calculated and apportioned automatically and can be charged over any period (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or even in arrears)!

Set up multiple bank accounts for trouble-free segregation of rents, deposits, grounds rents, sinking funds etc, with a separate reconciliation for each bank account you have.

The comprehensive reporting suite includes detailed expenditure reports against the budgets you have set and a range of other reports to assist you in your year end accounting.

The integrated commercial functionality can even generate pro-forma invoicing and client VAT analysis per property.

TDS Upload Module

The TDS Upload Module automatically uploads all the relevant information that is required by “The Dispute Service” directly to their webcfpsite using your internet connection. This is a fully automated system, which integrates with CFPwinMan, to save you time and reduce the risk of tenancy details not being sent to TDS.

It uploads all required fields and downloads the completed TDS Certificate as a PDF file, saving it straight back into the CFPwinMan database.

Any changes made to the tenancy details (e.g. a new start date, renewal, or if the tenancy becomes periodic), are also updated to the TDS webcfpsite automatically; and at the end of the tenancy, the amounts returned to each party are recorded back onto the webcfpsite to complete and close the tenancy.

CFPkeyBook Module

Have you ever lost a key? The CFPkeyBook Module makes it easy for you to fulfil your responsibility to manage the vast number of keys entrusted to you. The CFPkeyBook Module enables you to keep a full inventory of all keys per property, separately identifying sets for viewings and maintenance, tenants and master sets etc.

A range of reminders and reports built into the software allow you to track overdue and key returns.

Postcode Integration

Tired of spending ages typing addresses with two fingers and then finding out that you have spelled it wrong? Use AFD Postcode, EncoreLive or VebraLive postcode software to ease the burden on simple data entry tasks. Enter the postcode and CFPwinMan’s Postcode Integration will fill the address lines into the software, leaving you just the house number or name to enter.


The CFPwordBro Module allows the use of Microsoft Word 2000 (or later versions) for production of property brochures, in addition to the desktop publisher that is already built into CFPwinMan. Use of this module allows an unlimited number of Microsoft Word document templates to be built for your own presentation of property particulars. CFPwordBro allows for almost unlimited flexibility in size and format.

Landlords Online

Property managers never have enough time in the day. However, with CFPwinMan, you can upload key information that landlords constantly ask for to a secure webcfpsite and then issue log-in names and passwords to allow your landlords to access their information whenever and wherever they like.

This means fewer 'phone calls and fewer interruptions. You will become more proactive in an industry that normally operates in a reactive mode.

Landlords Online is a dynamic web based application that gets its information from the CFPwinMan software. With a few clicks of the mouse the relevant data is easily uploaded. There is therefore very little to do to keep the online system up to date. The interfaces at all levels are clear and user friendly - minimising user input as far as possible.

Landlords Online gives you a real advantage over your competition because it will give the majority of landlords exactly what they want:

  • Access to their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Copies of previous statements.
  • Messages that can't get lost.
  • SA105 Land and Property tax forms – completed online

Landlords Online really does give landlords what they want, but more importantly, it will improve the efficiency and profitability of even the most successful agency. Landlords Online establishes communication links that will enable any agency to be highly proactive and organised.

Click here to log into Landlords Online

The Agreements, Notices and Letters

We have strong relationships with the industry leading tenancy documentation providers and can supply documents built into CFPwinMan from The Letting Centre, PainSmith Solicitors or Training for Professionals, all of which are long established and well regarded legal advisory bodies that aid the Lettings Industry.

These professional quality tenancy agreements are available under licence and come complete with an update service and Drafting Notes which provide comprehensive information about the use of tenancy agreements, recent legal precedents, restrictions on term, stamp duty, etc. Many additional legal notices and everyday standard letters are also included, making these documents invaluable to most of our customers.

The documents are all revised and checked frequently by specialists and can be tailored individually according to each firm’s requirements.

These contracts, letters and notices from our providers are already integrated with our CFPwinMan software, allowing you to mail merge, print and automatically save documents either individually, or in groups, with just one click!

Multiple Office

Specifically designed for larger multi-office companies - some of the key features are:

Allows segregation and filtering of landlord, tenant, property, contractor and bank account data in a single database across a network of branches

Each CFPwinMan system user can be provided with full or read only access to specific Branches and Groups of Branches

Allows individual stationery settings (Headers and Footers etc) to be defined and applied for each branch

Provides reports on key performance indicators for the customer’s business

The Standing Order Import Module

The Standing Order Import Module is a very useful tool for CFPwinMan, as it has the ability to import CSV files issued by bank software. These files contain information regarding standing order payments.

CFPwinMan will read the file and attempt to “pair” up confirmed transactions with their relevant receipts. Where these links cannot be created automatically, CFPwinMan will provide a tool that gives the user the ability to manually pair the transactions in the import file to outstanding receipts – CFPwinMan will “learn” this link and it will remember for the next import!

Once the transactions contained in the import file, have been paired with outstanding receipts either automatically or manually – the user can authorize the import and all receipts will be updated automatically.

Tenancies, Tenants and Landlords all have the ability to be included in this process.

The Rolling Screens Module

The Rolling Screens Module is designed for displaying your available properties in a sleek and professional manner, perhaps on a plasma/LCD screen in your office window, on a projector, or even on your desktops; this module allows your applicants to easily see your stock in the best possible way.

An option in the Miscellaneous/Property Lists screen within CFPwinMan allows for a simple export of information to the Rolling Screen Module. Once done, with just a right mouse click you can customise the appearance of your properties, choosing from options such as number of rooms, transition effects, RSS news feeds, etc.


"I had been using CFP for about ten  years  with a previous employer so it was the natural choice of software for me when I started my own agency. I recently had a computer failure which meant I had to reload Winman andall the associated data.  The help I needed was clear, precise and readilyaccessible. 

The software is my ‘unpaid assistant’ and I would be lost without it"

Yvette Creighton, Rosette Residential Lettings


"It is about five years since we installed CFPWinman. Managing some 500 plus properties we would be utterly lost without the comprehensive property management system that CFP gives us.

With the continuous development of the product coupled with excellent system and customer support, we would wholeheartedly recommend CFP to any agent, even our competitors"

Peter Newman - Partner, Arena Lettings


"I spoke with a few companies, but CFP won my business hands down! Sara has been brilliant and has kept in touch with me since I started building my new business.

After speaking with Hannah today, I couldn't be more pleased that I went with CFP, she was very informative and polite. Thank you very much to Sara and Hannah! 

Selina Thomas – Director, Selina's Lettings

Selina Thomas, Director at Selina's Lettings


"CFP Winman has been a fantastic choice.Their product is slick and efficient. It helps our small business stay in control of communications from clients, contractor payments, tenant deposits and landlord statements.Their after-sales support is superb and they resolve our queries quickly.  A definite asset to the smooth operation of our company, and I would highly recommend it"

Mark Hastie, Director at Alba Residential

Disclaimer: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has accredited CFPwinMan v4, from CFP Software, under the terms of its Accreditation Scheme. Purchasers should ensure that the software, its security features and related support meet their own specific requirements, as the Institute will not be liable for any damage whatsoever, incurred by any person, occasioned by the use of the software, or any related products or services howsoever caused.